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InterSpec has developed a family of products built around the patented e-SPECS technology. Built to suit the needs of today’s AECO industry, e-SPECS software automates the preparation of construction specifications by extracting the product and material requirements directly from Autodesk Revit drawings and instantly updating the project specifications to the requirements of the building model.


“e-SPECS Designer was used to create a Healthcare Office Master based on MasterSpec and extended with required custom language. The e-SPECS intelligent checklist tagging and mapping enables us to provide consistent high quality documents while saving time and money.

M. Kundinger

Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN

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News Release August 11, 2015

InterSpec Inc., the industry leading provider of integrated construction specification software, is proud to announce that they will be introducing their new proprietary InfoWare® program at CSI Construct 2015. InfoWare is designed to enable building product manufacturers (BPMs) to get … READ MORE

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