InterSpec has developed a family of products built around the patented e-SPECS technology. Designed to suit the needs of today’s AEC industry, e-SPECS software automates the preparation of construction specifications by extracting the product and material requirements directly from Autodesk Revit® drawings and instantly updating the project specifications to the requirements of the building model.

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Specification Services

Interspec’s specification services offer clients the ability to outsource the laborious process of developing specifications and producing construction project manuals, freeing up their time to work on higher level projects. InterSpec’s patented e-SPECS technology allows our team of spec writing experts to offer architects and engineers a cost-effective, efficient alternative in specification services.

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e-SPECS InfoWare

InterSpec has created the perfect complementary tool for Building Product Manufacturers – e-SPECS InfoWare. e-SPECS InfoWare is designed to enable building product manufacturers to get up-to-date listings of current and ongoing projects, typically months before the project goes to bid. In fact, e-SPECS InfoWare draws pre-bid design stage project data automatically via a proprietary specification management system.

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InterSpec offers key solutions to those involved in the commercial construction industry.

Almost 20 years ago, InterSpec developed e-SPECS®, the most effective spec writing software available for architects and engineers. Today, e-SPECS is the industry-leading specification solution. Simplifying the production of construction documents, e-SPECS software allows architects and engineers to easily produce high-quality, tightly-coordinated project manuals. e-SPECS is the only integrated solution supporting the industry-standard BIM parameters. InterSpec also offers full specification services to help with overflow work or to free you up to focus on higher level projects while e-SPECS InfoWare allows architects and engineers to collaborate with the building product manufacturer early in the design process to ensure that products being specified are accurate and current.

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