e-SPECS InfoWare®


e-SPECS InfoWare provides the most accurate information available as it draws pre-bid design stage data automatically from a proprietary specification management system that is updated in real time. It lets you see where you are and where you are not spec’d so you can focus your efforts on new business opportunities. InfoWare is easy to use – search by geography, by project type, by construction budget – and save your dashboard for quick reuse moving forward. e-SPECS InfoWare provides unique data like project product specifics including desired product features and accessories.


BPM Program


InterSpec’s Building Product Manufacturers (BPM) Program can help you grow revenue, deliver more integrated product design solutions, increase market awareness and get specified in more construction projects. The only automated way to include the correct specification for your Revit objects is the e-SPECS Building Product Manufacturer (BPM) Revit integration program.