e-SPECS for AutoCAD

e-SPECS for AutoCAD integrates the drawings and specifications directly from Autodesk AutoCAD, instantly updating your specifications as you develop your drawings.

e-SPECS for AutoCAD: Integrated Architectural Specifications

Integrated Specifications

e-SPECS for AutoCAD recognizes standard AutoCAD elements or complex drawing objects in AutoCAD Architecture and MEP applications. As you enter text, keynotes, blocks, hatches, or other drawing elements, your specifications stay in sync, in real time.

Any changes you make to the drawings will automatically be incorporated into the specification manual. You may also integrate your mixed AutoCAD drawings and Revit models into one e-SPECS project manual.


Product Research

Developing specifications for your design is only part of the complete package. For a quality project manual, one must also identify available products and materials meeting those specifications.

Saving hours of valuable project time, e-SPECS automates the selection of available products meeting your specifications – linking to supplier information on the Internet or in the AIA MasterSpec Supporting Documents. With a click of the mouse, you have a list of applicable manufacturers and a wealth of spec writing information and help.


Project Collaboration

With e-SPECS, all team members can collaborate on your specification documents from any place in the world. Team members can access the project using e-SPECS to edit the specifications. Or use e-SPECS Desktop, the e-SPECS AutoCAD Plugin Console or the e-SPECS Navisworks Plugin Console to view and red-line, add and respond to project notes, view related project files, print sections of the manual and more. You’ll save time and money while ensuring all team comments and considerations are included in the final manual.