e-SPECS for Revit

e-SPECS for Revit extends Autodesk’s Revit products to construction specifications.

Integrate, link and sync Revit with your construction specifications using e-SPECS: automating the creation of your project manual.

e-SPECS is the only integrated solution supporting the industry-standard Revit parameters.

Your Complete Specification Solution

e-SPECS is the industry-leading specification writing software: simplifying the production of construction specifications.

Write, edit and coordinate your architectural and engineering specs more quickly, accurately and efficiently with e-SPECS.

Use your current AIA MasterSpec subscription or integrate your custom office master to simplify spec production – while saving time and money.

Integrated Specifications: How It Works

When you assign assembly codes to Revit families, e-SPECS binds your Revit families to a spec section using the e-SPECS Binding Manager.

When modeling with those Revit families, e-SPECS will automatically pull in those spec sections, generating the basis for your spec manual – all while allowing you to access those specs and other related files directly within Revit-based applications.

e-SPECS for Revit interfaces with Revit’s parametric database, instantly updating your project specifications to the requirements of the building model. Insert a wall, door, window, or any other building object into your Revit model and instantly update your project manual with the appropriate specifications.

e-SPECS for Revit features include:

  • Seamless integration & synchronization of BIM drawings with specifications
  • Select a Revit family & view linked specs
  • View the entire Division Tree of specifications, project notes & project files in the e-SPECS Revit Browser
  • Filter & edit master guide specs with the e-SPECS Checklist and Editor
  • Enjoy expanded editing functionality
  • Generate project specific keynotes to ensure accuracy
  • Automatically create Outline Reports and TOC’s in Revit before editing in e-SPECS
  • Customize style guides, H/F and TOC in e-SPECS for Revit
  • Run the e-SPECS Validation Reporting Console to ensure
  • See Drawing Reconciliation Reports to get a complete overview of all the drawing elements that resulted in project specification sections
  • Review the history of your specification sections to see when and why it was included in the project
  • Markup the specs by collaborating with your specifier and other team members in e-SPECS Desktop, included with every e-SPECS for Revit license

These features and more facilitate a design process ensuring the highest quality product is produced without the error prone and mundane manual efforts previously required without e-SPECS. With e-SPECS for Revit, ensure that your drawings and specifications remain in sync.

Product Research

Developing specifications for your design is only part of the complete package. For a quality project manual, one must also identify available products and materials meeting those specifications.

Saving hours of valuable project time, e-SPECS automates the selection of available products meeting your specifications – linking to supplier information on the Internet or in the AIA MasterSpec® Supporting Documents. With a click of the mouse, you have a list of applicable manufacturers and a wealth of spec writing information and help.

Project Collaboration

With e-SPECS for Revit, all team members can collaborate on your specification documents from any place in the world.  Team members can access the project directly in Revit based Applications, using the e-SPECS Desktop Collaborator tools or through an Autodesk Buzzsaw online account.

  • Inside Revit: select a family and view the specs linked to that family
  • With e-SPECS Desktop: markup and redline the specs, collaborating with your specifier who can add or edit the markups in the project manual
  • With e-SPECS for Revit: publish the entire project to Buzzsaw with the click of a mouse
  • e-SPECS version control keeps track of all user edits, making it simple to incorporate comments and changes from multiple sources

You’ll save time and money while ensuring all team comments and considerations are included in the final manual.