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After nearly 2 decades providing architects, engineers and specifiers with the premier specification software tool, e-SPECS®, InterSpec has created the perfect complementary tool for Building Product Manufacturers – e-SPECS InfoWare. Marketing building products to design professionals will never be the same.

e-SPECS InfoWare is designed to enable building product manufacturers to get real-time listings of on-going projects, typically months before the project goes to bid.

In fact, e-SPECS InfoWare draws pre-bid design stage project data automatically via a proprietary specification management system.

Convince Specifiers to Spec Your Products

As any BPM knows, if you don’t get your product in front of the specifier during the design process, the odds of being included in the specifications are slim.

You need early notification to ensure your product information is correct and that they have the most up to date product specifics.

Being able to collaborate with specifiers allows you to present information that may secure your product’s place in the specification. e-SPECS InfoWare gives you that opportunity.

Key Features Of e-SPECS InfoWare

  • The most accurate data in the industry in real-time, coming straight from the desktops of Architects and Engineers to yours.
  • Data being pulled from industry standard specifications such as AIA MasterSpec, UFGS, VA, CMS, NMS and Custom Office Masters.
  • Find out where you are being specified, and where you are not.
  • Find out where your competitors are being specified, and where they are not.
  • Easily accessible via a web browser with thousands of projects early in design phase.
  • Export search results to Excel and PDF

What Sets e-SPECS InfoWare Apart?

Thousands of architects, engineers and specifiers use InterSpec’s e-SPECS software to write more than 10,000 project specifications each year.

This gives us a proprietary list of active projects from the very start of the design process.

Being able to see whether your products are being spec’d, and to contact the specifier to introduce your product and/or present new or modified product information at this stage puts you in front of the competition every time.


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e-SPECS enables us to deliver more design products to our customers without requiring additional time and money to be spent coordinating the models and specs.

e-SPECS BPM Program

In addition to e-SPECS InfoWare, InterSpec offers other valuable products and services to the BPM market.

InterSpec’s Building Product Manufacturer’s Program will help your company grow revenue, deliver more integrated product design solutions, increase market awareness and get specified in more construction projects.

The only automated way to include the correct specification for your Revit objects is the e-SPECS BPM Revit integration program.

e-SPECS interfaces with Revit’s BIM parametric modeling application, instantly updating project specifications to the requirements of the building model – generating integrated project specifications.

InterSpec will create an intelligent “Checklist” for your specs so that all e-SPECS users will be able to easily insert your section into their project manuals.

We also provide services to rewrite or create a 3-part CSI specification, distributed with our BPM specification database and made available to our e-SPECS users for easy inclusion into projects.