Now a part of ARCOM, InterSpec, Inc. began development of its e-SPECS specification automation technology in 1998. e-SPECS is the first product to successfully link CAD and BIM to master guide specifications, a truly unique automation and quality control innovation for construction specifications.

Modern business buildingsSince launching its professional Specifications Services in 2000, the formerly known InterSpec, Inc. used e-SPECS to remotely deliver cutting-edge, collaborative and integrated specification writing services. With superior service and unmatched delivery, ARCOM is the leading provider of Internet-based specification management services for architects, engineers and building product manufacturers around the world. Developing a family of products built upon the patented e-SPECS technology, InterSpec, Inc. has developed the e-SPECS family of software solutions to meet the needs of today’s AEC firms. e-SPECS solutions integrate the entire project team into the specification process, streamlining document coordination and reducing reliance on inefficient word processing. Offering ease and efficiency, the patented e-SPECS technology offers easy filtering and editing of large master guide specifications. With BIM integration, e-SPECS automates and synchronizes specifications as drawing are updated. e-SPECS solutions reduce the time and cost of design as well as improve communication and access to current, pertinent specification information thus further reducing coordination issues, change orders, and RFIs .e-SPECS is integrated with the industry’s standard BIM application Autodesk® Revit. e-SPECS supports all specification master libraries of MasterSpec®, US Dept of Veterans Affairs, SpecsIntact Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS), and Canadian Master Specifications as well as enables customers to integrate their own custom Office Masters.

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