Building Product Manufacturers

InterSpec’s Building Product Manufacturers (BPM) Program can help you grow revenues, deliver more integrated product design solutions, increase market awareness and get specified in more construction projects.  The e-SPECS BPM Program helps in a variety of ways.

Distribution of Your “Basis of Design” Product Specifications

InterSpec will create an intelligent “Checklist” for your specs so all e-SPECS users will be able to easily insert your section into their e-SPECS project manual for the specific products and accessories needed.  80% of customers are more likely to use BPM specs integrated into e-SPECS. Your product basis of design spec will be just a click away rather than specifiers needing to search the internet, download (hopefully) your specs, reformat, coordinate and more.

Need to have your Product Specs Written by a Professional?

It isn’t easy to get your products specified into projects if you don’t have a good CSI MasterFormat 3 Part specification ready for designers to use on their projects.  InterSpec’s Specification Writing Services group not only can write your product specs but also can recommend BPM Program Member products when we are writing construction documents for clients.

Additional Services

e-SPECS  Featured BPM Listings

Every time e-SPECS is opened, a Featured Building Product Manufacturer will be highlighted on the Start-Up Screen, along with links to their preferred web page. Get your company and products in front of specifiers, architects, engineers and designers while they are selecting products and specifying construction projects. Those BPMs taking advantage can expect tens of thousands of impressions. In addition, those Featured BPM Listings will be available directly in Autodesk® Revit based applications.

“Out-of-the-Box” BIM to Master Specification Coordination

Insert a wall, door, window, or any other building object into the Revit model and the project manual is updated with the appropriate specifications. Any changes made to the BIM model will automatically be coordinated with the specification manual.  BPMs listed in master specifications are promoted through the e-SPECS BPM Program to be included in the project specifications through the “out of the box” BIM integration – even for generic objects!

Link your Custom BIM Revit Objects to Your Product Specifications for Bidding

Make sure you aren’t giving away FREE 3D objects only to have your competition end up in the Project Specs which are used for bidding!  The only automated way to also include the correct specification for your Revit objects is the e-SPECS BPM Program.  e-SPECS interfaces with Revit’s BIM parametric database, instantly updating project specifications to the requirements of the building model generating integrated project specifications and drawings.

Learn how e-SPECS can get you specified more often.

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