InterSpec Announces e-SPECS Version 10

This Product Release is a result of significant growth in revenue and overall business in the last decade.

InterSpec, a spec writing software company, says sales growth from new enhanced product offerings will spur additional hiring. It has just released version 10.0 of its e-SPECS product that marks a decade of innovation and a major milestone for the company. This is the 4th version of the software in the last two years driven by customer input from both smaller and international clients.

This new version of the software allows the users to have total control over many aspects of a project, provides detailed reporting and integrates with Navisworks 2017 software that offers synchronizing of data and display model element list and complete integration with written specifications.

“The response from our customer base has been outstanding,” said David Houde, director of sales at InterSpec. “Since 2013, we have grown our revenue by 51% and have seen a similar increase in the number of full-time employees and with a number of new products and further enhancements, we expect that growth to continue.”

The key features of e-SPECS Version 10.0 includes:

• Support for Autodesk Revit 2017 and Navisworks 2017 Applications:
To ensure all user application needs are met, e-SPECS support for Navisworks 2017, project review software, to its integrated solutions, as well as upgrading support for its current partner software, Autodesk Revit 2017.

• User Permissions Manager:
All new user permissions have been established in Version 10. These include the administrator’s ability to control which of their firm’s e-SPECS users can add and remove projects, change project settings, create, modify and delete project groups, update keynotes, update style guides and bindings. It also allows the user to determine who can access the Office Master libraries within e-SPECS Designer software.

• New Project Status and Open Bracket Reports:
Two new reports are available in e-SPECS version 10. The first is the Project Status Report, which provides a high-level snap shot of various project data for all projects within a firm’s e-SPECS application.

The second report, the Open Bracket Report, adds to e-SPECS quality control tools but allowing users to see all unprocessed bracket options for any given project. This report pools missed selections within the project manual draft for correction, further ensuring an error free final draft.

Houde continued, “As the industry leader in BIM integrated specifications, we’re all very proud to be involved in the success of e-SPECS and our customers.”


About InterSpec
InterSpec provides software solutions and spec writing services built on its patented e-SPECS technology. For architects and engineers, e-SPECS saves time and cost while producing a higher quality project or ensuring your BIM models are coordinated with the specs. e-SPECS integrates directly with Autodesk Revit and supports all specification master libraries of MasterSpec®, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Canadian Master Specifications and offers the ability to integrate custom masters. For more information visit or contact sales at +1-207-772-6135.

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