New e-SPECS Browser Enables Access to All Project Specs and Files Directly in the BIM Models

InterSpec announces e-SPECS now enables collaboration and integration for all specifications and related projects files directly in BIM models.

InterSpec Inc., the industry leading provider of BIM integrated construction specification software and services, now enables collaboration and integration for all specifications and related projects files directly in BIM models.

The new e-SPECS v8.0.2 enables access to data when and where users need it without having to search for it through folders and files. As the BIM model design progresses, Project Managers, Architects and Engineers need access to the coordinated specifications and related project files such as cut-sheets, certificates, submittals, and more. Walkthroughs with owners and contractors now not only provide a visual context, but the qualitative aspects of the designs as well.

Centralized access directly in the BIM model includes not only access to view project data, but also red-lining of specifications collaborating with the specifier. Rather than emailing files back and forth or posting to a site and then communicating that the files are available for download, e-SPECS users now have the ability to access all the information directly in the application they already use.

Prior versions of e-SPECS enabled access to this data only when the BIM model was prepped for higher levels of integration and coordination. With the current version of e-SPECS, any specification inserted into the project from the e-SPECS checklist or even imported sections such as consultant sections are available directly in the BIM model for team collaboration. The new e-SPECS Browser feature in the e-SPECS Revit Plugin Console enables access to all spec sections whether inserted via the e-SPECS checklist, through a client account binding, imported from a word file such as a consultant section, or automatically included in the spec manual through an e-SPECS binding to the BIM model. Accessing all sections and project files along with the project notes helps customers implement a standard centralized process for collaboration. For customers new to BIM or not quite ready for the more powerful BIM coordination of models and specs, this level of integration helps to return value to their BIM implementation and design process.

Owners and Contractors benefit through this integration when the designers deliver the BIM model and the integrated specs and files using the e-SPECS Project Transfer. Contractors can save time and money in bidding, estimating, construction administration and delivery of as-builts. Owners now have the ability to deliver integrated prototypes of BIM models and master specifications with their preferences built in. As the project progresses from design to construction to facility maintenance, access to all the information via a central model further enables time and cost savings.

e-SPECS for Revit customers under maintenance may directly download the install the latest version through the e-SPECS Startup Window or for assistance.

About InterSpec
InterSpec provides construction document management solutions and services built on its patented e-SPECS specification management technology. e-SPECS software automates the specification process by extracting the product and material requirements directly from the project’s BIM models and drawings.e-SPECS integrates directly with Autodesk and GRAPHISOFT BIM applications and supports all specification master libraries of MasterSpec, US Dept of Veterans Affairs, Unified Facilities Guide Specifications, Canadian Master Specifications as well as the ability to integrate custom office masters. For architects and engineers who spend many hours on every project preparing construction specifications, e-SPECS software saves time and money while ensuring that the construction drawings are coordinated with the specifications. For more information visit or contact sales at +1-207-772-6135 or email to

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