Whole Building Systems Leverages the Power of BIM using e-SPECS

InterSpec Inc., the industry leading provider of integrated construction specification software, is proud to announce that Whole Building Systems, LLC has selected its patented e-SPECS solutions as the firm’s BIM-integrated specification solution.

Whole Building Systems, LLC (WBS) is an engineering, high performance building consultancy that serves the commercial, governmental, educational and historic preservation sectors. WBS provides a full spectrum of expertise – from design to commissioning to operation – of high performance buildings

As thought leaders in high performance for the AEC industry, WBS has been invested from the start in the best practice of new technologies including Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Founder and CEO, M. Dennis Knight is currently Chair of ASHRAE’s BIM Multi Disciplinary Task group and embraces BIM’s innovative modeling capabilities and sophisticated collaboration for the project team. WBS uses e-SPECS for Revit as an integral component of their BIM strategy.

“I have been using e-SPECS for specification production for 11 years.  The quality control and consistency provided by integrating specification production into the digital design workflow is a natural early step for firms beginning to implement BIM,” said M. Dennis Knight.

“e-SPECS for Revit allows us to leverage the power of BIM by improving the project delivery process and the quality of our work product,” continued Knight.

InterSpec’s e-SPECS software solutions automate the preparation of construction specifications along with the selection of materials and products for commercial construction projects.  InterSpec’s e-SPECS software solutions are used by thousands of architects, engineers and construction professionals to accelerate the production of their specifications while reducing the overall cost of development.

“e-SPECS solutions allow architects and engineers to save countless hours and dollars while ensuring that their BIM models agree with the specifications,” said Gilles Letourneau, President and CEO at InterSpec. “We are proud to see customers like Whole Building Systems grow their business using our e-SPECS solutions. Whole Building Systems has quickly understood the value an integrated approach can bring to their firm.”

About Whole Building Systems

Whole Building Systems, LLC, established in 2010, is a best in class high performance building consultancy specializing in the planning, design, modeling, auditing, assessing, commissioning, operations and maintenance of buildings and their energy using systems. Whole Building Systems’ consultants are thought leaders and subject matter experts with backgrounds in engineering, strategic planning, preservation, construction, architecture and design. Whole Building Systems uses new technologies and analytic tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and process change strategies to assist clients in improving the performance of new and existing buildings including historic structures. You can learn more about Whole Building Systems by visiting their website at www.wholebuildingsystems.com

About InterSpec

InterSpec provides software solutions and spec writing services built on its patented e-SPECS technology. For architects and engineers, e-SPECS saves time and cost while producing a higher quality project or ensuring your BIM models are coordinated with the specs. e-SPECS integrates directly with Autodesk Revit and supports all specification master libraries of MasterSpec®, US Dept of Veterans Affairs, SpecsIntact Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS), Canadian Master Specifications and offers the ability to integrate custom masters. For more information visit www.e-SPECS.com or contact sales at +1-207-772-6135.

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