Specification Services


ARCOM’s patented e-SPECS technology allows our team of experts to offer architects and engineers a cost-effective, efficient alternative in specification services. Using e-SPECS Technology, our team is able to expedite the specification development while ensuring a coordinated, cohesive process.

Since 1998, formerly known InterSpec, has provided architectural specification manuals for firms around the world. Our team of architects, engineers, specification experts, account managers and technical support staff are continuously recognized for their talents and service.

How Our Process Works

1. Conversation: Brief us on your project & we review your available drawings and deliver a proposal to fit your needs
2. Start Up: Our team defines project milestones
3. Development: Our professionals will write & develop your specs using e-SPECS
4. Collaboration: Your manual is available for review using e-SPECS Desktop
5. Delivery: We’ll deliver to you a formatted, final project manual – ready for production
6. Archive: Select our Office Master Development services & we will archive your preferences for use on future projects


Loyalty Program Benefits

In addition to our high quality project manual development, InterSpec also offers pricing incentives to our Loyal Spec Writing Service customers with savings of up to 30% off.

Enhanced Service Offerings

Call us to learn more about our enhanced service offerings, including:

  • Office Master Development
  • Revit BIM Model Integration
  • Coordinated Revit Keynote Generation
  • Peer Analysis Review
  • Project Manual Reports (Submittals, LEED Submittals, Executive Summary, etc.)


Our professional team of specifiers maintains the most extensive list of professional licenses and accreditation in the industry:

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We initially implemented e-SPECS to offer our internal team the ability to produce specifications quickly and accurately. Expanding our relationship with InterSpec, we’ve employed their remote team of specification experts to multiply our efficiency and advantages. Using e-SPECS, they coordinate our preferences and collaborate with our internal team, presenting us with maximum time and cost savings.
– Paul Altomare, Partner and Principal at Kollin Altomare Architects

We have consistently found InterSpec Specification Services to exceed our expectations with the timeliness and expertise of their specifiers. Over the course of seven projects together, InterSpec’s team has realized significant savings for us in addition to a seamless collaboration process. We have confidence in InterSpec’s dedication to meeting each of our client’s unique needs.
– Mark von Werder, Principal at JPRA Architects

My experience with InterSpec could not have been any better. My account manager was helpful every step of the way, from sending sample templates to explaining the whole process. The entire process only took approximately 2 weeks. Their spec writer created the entire UFGS document, incorporating numerous submittals with only 2 revisions. We’re happy to say the UFGS document was approved by our client.”
– Jaye Andone, President and CEO of SCIF Global Technologies

We’ve been working closely with InterSpec for more than a decade now and they have prepared the specification manuals for some of our most demanding projects. They have developed and maintain a custom office master for us, which is integrated into their e-SPECS specification applications, that ensures that Rossetti’s corporate standards and preferences are incorporated into the final completed project manual. The master is continuously updated with new information from each subsequent project, ultimately savings us time and money in the development of future specifications documents.
– D. Richards, Rossetti