In collaboration with A/E Design Firms, InterSpec develops client-specific office master specifications to help facilitate highly efficient and accurate project specifications by standardizing: Client preferences and protocols, pre-approved manufacturers and products as well as standard office processes and practices.

What is an office master?

An office master is any set of proprietary specification documents used practice-wide by a particular firm. Office masters are repositories of lessons-learned, design preferences and firm standards for use in specifying large construction projects.

The use of an office Master Specification ensures improved development efficiency and content quality for every project specification. By using a well defined structure and clear, concise language the resulting project specification will be comprehensive and unambiguous.

How does office master development work?

InterSpec Spec Writing Services offers professional services to develop and integrate a firm’s office master based upon the historical project data from specific project specifications.

Developing and using an office master is an effective way of producing high quality project manuals.

New project experience can be systematically incorporated into the office master for future use. The investment in developing office master will be returned through lower project specification preparation costs.

Project manual savings of up to 25% can be realized on a per project basis, in relation to our loyalty discounts.

Key Advantages of InterSpec’s Office Master Development Program:

  • Improved Specifications Efficiency – Save time and turn around spec submittals and issuances faster. First drafts can be produced in days – vs weeks.
  • Easier Updating of Specifications – Efficient incorporation of client and industry updates as needed to maintain consistent and accurate specifications.
  • Unified Office Technology – Standardize technical terminology, scope of service to clients, and office policy on a wide range of technical considerations
  • Standardized Office Practices – Establish office standards, technical documentation, and specification procedures for consistency throughout the firm.
  • Reduced Errors & Omissions – Inadvertent mistakes and omissions can be minimized through use of a carefully developed and maintained office master guide specification system. This reduces liability exposure.
  • Minimized A/E Spec Work – An office master guide specification system developed and maintained by InterSpec will free up personnel from the drudgery of spec work, allowing them to concentrate more on design.
  • Coordinated Project Checklist – A carefully coordinated start-up project checklist for each specification section, identifying and providing space for recording principal decisions needed for individual projects.
  • Accelerated Project Development – Office masters allow efficient specification production concurrent with drawings, thereby avoiding the delays and confusion caused by last-minute preparation and production.
  • Automated Specifications Preparation – Use of an office master guide specification will maximize the automation of specification production by utilizing today’s technology.